First elected as the first Member of Parliament for the Witham constituency in May 2010, Priti was subsequently re-elected in May 2015 and in 2017. Priti was born in London and educated at a comprehensive girls school in Watford. She went on to study economics at Keele University before completing her postgraduate studies at the University of Essex.

Her life experiences were not forged in a bastion of privilege sheltered from the real world. Enterprise and hard work have shaped Priti’s life, values and beliefs. Priti believes strongly in the Conservative values of meritocracy, freedom and aspiration. That the Conservative belief in freedom, free markets and lower taxes empowers people, families and businesses to flourish and be in control of their own destiny.

Priti served in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for International Development between July 2016 and November 2017. In that role she transformed the delivery of overseas assistance programmes to focus on aid effectiveness, economic development, trade and jobs so that countries can stand on their own two feet. Priti also pioneered new levels of accountability and openness in the use of the aid budget, with reforms and spending controls across the aid sector.

Previously she also held roles in Government as Minister of State for Employment, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury and the first UK-India Diaspora Champion. Priti has also previously served as Chair of the APPG for Small Shops, Co-Chair of the APPG for Victims and Witnesses of Crime, and Vice-Chair of the Indo-British APPG. She currently serves as an elected member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee in Parliament.

Priti has been actively involved the Conservative Party since the 1990s. She is a grassroots campaigner and prides herself as a longstanding Conservative Party activist and volunteer over a 30 year period. She has also supported the Party in a number of roles including as an Association Chairman, an elected member of the Conservative Party Board and a member of the 1922 Committee. During the EU Referendum, Priti played in leading role in the Leave campaign and since the Referendum has worked with colleagues to bring the country together to secure a prosperous and successful future outside of the EU.

Priti is a strong voice for Witham, Essex and Britain and believes passionately in the principles of accountability, fairness and in standing up for her constituents.