Government confirm Colchester Borough Council to blame for A12 Widening Scheme delay

Government confirm Colchester Borough Council to blame for A12 Widening Scheme delay

Published: 26th June 2018 - 11:55 am Category: Local News

Witham MP Priti Patel is piling the pressure on Colchester Borough Council after the Secretary of State for Transport confirmed that the Council is to blame for the delays in the A12 Widening Scheme. In a letter to Priti, the Secretary of State stated that due the new hosing proposals the Council have put forward “the whole scheme will start later than originally planned” with further costings and consultation needed. This follows the publication of a letter from a Planning Inspector which questioned the viability of the Council’s Local Plan proposals. Priti said:

“This latest letter from the Secretary of State gives further confirmation of the inconvenience and added costs that are being caused as a result of the incompetence of Colchester Borough Council. A much needed upgrade to the A12 which will bring in road safety and economic benefits is now held back because of the actions of one failing Council.”

“With the Local Plan process stalled as a result of the concerns raised by the planning inspector, Colchester Borough Council are continuing to let residents down. I will carry on holding this rotten Council to account and lobbying the Government to intervene to get the Widening Scheme delivered as quickly as possible.”



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