The Rivenhall Incinerator

Priti has been campaigning alongside local residents against the proposed Rivenhall incinerator since 2010 and is outraged by the Environment Agency (EA) decision to give the incinerator their approval, despite the widespread opposition in communities across Essex.

The levels of sulphur dioxide that could be emitted by the incinerator are deeply troubling, especially when there are other, more environmentally friendly methods for processing waste. The Government’s Waste Strategy seeks to eventually move away from incineration, in order to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, there is no justification in allowing this incinerator to operate, creating unnecessary pollution from a facility that is not needed.

Priti said: “The Rivenhall Incinerator is opposed by thousands of people and the Environment Agency must be held to account over the way it is reaching its decision on the licence application. The lack of public consultation and engagement is appalling and unacceptable as the incinerator will have a significant and long-lasting, damaging impact on this part of Essex.
“Local residents and I are shocked about the level of emissions from the site, the pollution implications, the impact on road traffic locally as well as the carbon footprint the incinerator will create. The granting of the permit for the incinerator will do nothing to prevent this and the Environment Agency must act responsibly by listening to local people and throwing out this licence application.”
“This incinerator would be deeply damaging to the local area and due to the changing nature and composition of waste, questions are being raised about whether the site is necessary. As well as directly raising these objections with the Environment Agency I have also taken up this issue with the Secretary of State for the Environment. We should not have this monstrosity imposed on us and I will continue to do all I can to get this appalling development stopped.”

The Rivenhall Incinerator

From left. Frank Saunders, Team Leader – Rivenhall Incinerator, Priti Patel MP, Simon Hawkins, the Environment Agency’s Area Director for East Anglia and James Mason, Team Leader – Flood Alleviation scheme.


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