Investment in Strategic Roads

Since 2010, Priti has been a longstanding campaigner for investment in the road network. Local roads need investment and upgrading and Priti is in regular contact with Essex County Council to get roads and footpaths repaired and potholes fixed.

Priti has also successfully campaigned for new investment in the A12 and the A120. Both of these key strategic roads are economic corridors that are vital to our County’s economy and need improvements to reduce delays and ease congestion. But they also need upgrading to make them safer to reduce the number of accidents that take place.

As a result of Priti’s campaigning, the A12 is to be widened between the Boreham Interchange and Marks Tey into a three-lane carriageway. The precise details on the route and sections to be re-routed are still being determined. There are also plans for the further widening of the road.

The A120 has been the subject of a comprehensive study funded by the Government and by Essex County Council to consider how best to dual the single carriageway stretch of road between Braintree and Marks Tey. In June 2018, Essex County Council announced option D as their favoured route, running from Galleys Corner at Braintree to a junction with the A12 to the South of Kelvedon. A business case for funding will be submitted to the Government in due course and you can view more details about this via this link:

Priti is in regular contact with Government Ministers about these major transport projects as well as local residents

Investment in Strategic Roads


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